About Us

Woof! Welcome to Daily Dog Drama!

My name is Zack Keithy, the Chief Editor of the site, and together with a group of 4 other like-minded friends, we operate and manage this dedicated dog blog for dog owners to find useful, actionable, and trustworthy content.

How did we get started?

Between the 5 of us, we have 6 different dogs in our families:

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • French bulldog
  • Vizsla 
  • Golden retriever
  • Pyrenees Mountain Dog
  • Beagle

We absolutely adore them and are constantly in search of the best information to be the best dog parent.

That is also why we decided to create this blog in the hopes of sharing all we know with you!

Now that we have gotten acquainted, please accept this little gift from us. It is a free game that you can play with your dog to train it to be obedient and disciplined.

We strongly believe that an intelligent dog is a happy dog, and training is one of the best ways to achieve that.

About Zack Keithy


Zack is currently self-employed, working full time as an editor for this blog, as well as handling operational duties for a few other businesses.

In his former life, he was a certified vet tech (CVT), graduating from UC Blue Ash College, and spent 6 years working in the industry.

These days, he is trying to be the best dog parent he can and is considering adding to his family a few more dogs!

All the real and actionable knowledge of these 5 dog parents is put together into useful articles that will help you provide the best care for your dogs.


What’s next?

Although we are not very active on social media just yet, you should still consider following us as we will be adding new content to these channels too.

This way, you will get updated each time we have something new and useful on our blog.

When you are done with all that, hop around the site and discover new articles that are all about making you the best dog parent you can be:

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