Slip Mating Success Rate: 50/50?

Most of the time, dogs know what to do when it comes to mating time. In fact, it is instinctive for the majority of all animals and there is hardly a time when they need any assistance.

It does happen though, especially in younger dogs, and that’s when they might require some help from a breeder or some kind of professional.

Anyhow, there are times when mating does not go as planned, and slip mating happens. You might be keen to know the success rate, but it is honestly impossible to tell. If you really want a number, I would say it is 50/50.

Remember, mating success also depends on other variables such as the health of the dogs, the age, and the quality of the sperm and egg!

Let’s find out more in the rest of this post.

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How does dog mating work?

First, the male dog will sniff the female’s vulva.

She will then ‘flag’, which is to pull her tail to one side, if she is open to being approached.

After mounting the female, the male dog will insert his penis and start thrusting, and during this process, it will ejaculate.

The dogs will then create a “breeding tie” after this, where they will stand rear to rear with the penis still inserted as the male dog lifts his hind leg over.

male dog bulbus gland

The two dogs will be locked together during this period as the male’s penis’ bulbus gland swells, forming the breeding tie during which they should not be separated in order not to cause any injuries.

This strange-looking position (tie-mating) is completely normal and typically lasts anywhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes.

Although this is the most common way for a female dog to get pregnant, it is not the only way, nor is it a foolproof way, as we will discuss later.

What is slip mating?

During the mating process, things might not go 100% as smoothly as we would like all the time. Quite often, a situation known as slip mating occurs.

If the dog enters the bitch and his penis expands and swells but exits the bitch before the tie has occurred, this is known as slip mating.

Prior to entering, the dog frequently mounts the bitch. He will occasionally jump into the bitch without his penis growing, but he will leave right away. The bitch will frequently reposition herself if she’s ready to help the mating.

Most dogs will be able to do this on their own and would be quite upset if there are any human interferences.

Slip mating usually occurs as the bitch is typically not quite ready. If she is a little early, repeat the process the following day if it is possible, or the day after that, and tie mating will typically occur successfully.

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What does slip mating look like?

Boston Terrier "Slip Mating" NO TIE MATING!

Stages of male dog ejaculation

There are three phases to the male dog’s ejaculation process:

  • The pre-ejaculatory fluid, which is often transparent and has little to no sperm in it, is the first stage.
  • The second stage, which contains the most sperm, is released with forceful thrusting.
  • A small amount of clear prostatic fluid containing sperm makes up the third and final stage, which takes place during the breeding period.

Premature withdrawal occurs when the dog mounts before the second stage of ejaculation.

In this case, the male dog will likely still be swollen and pouring seminal fluid as if a lock had occurred.

Pregnancy is quite improbable in this circumstance, which is why the myth that slip mating does not work is so popular.

Does slip mating work?

slip mating can get a dog pregnant too

The second step of ejaculation is completed prior to slip mating.

In spite of what breeders may believe, it still indicates a very high likelihood of the female becoming pregnant.

Even if the breeder views the slip mating as a failed attempt, the female should not be transported right away to another stud because females are capable of getting pregnant and having litters with puppies from various fathers.

This is viewed as being highly unethical and in violation of the AKC’s standards and regulations for responsible breeding.

Can dogs get pregnant without locking?

Yes, they can get pregnant without locking. If ejaculation has taken place despite the male not staying latched to her, pregnancy can still happen because there is frequently some semen spillage when the withdrawal takes place before the locking phase, even though the fertility rate in a slip mating is not quite as high.

Has my dog mated without locking?

If the key definition of mating is insemination, then it depends on which stage of the ejaculation cycle your dog is in. If it is still in the first stage, it is essentially firing “blanks” and would not impregnate a bitch. If it is in the second or third stage, then we can say that mating is completed.

How long does it take for a dog to get pregnant after breeding?

From the moment of conception, there are typically 63 days of gestation.

If the bitch has given birth more than once or if the eggs are fertilized within a day or two of the mating, the results may be different.

At about 25 days after breeding, a vet can manually palpate a bitch’s abdomen to see if she’s carrying. At that time, ultrasounds can also be performed.

X-rays will confirm pregnancy at about 40 days.

How do you help the stud who keeps missing the mark?

One way to ensure a successful mating if your stud dog continually missing the mark is to pick a decent breeding partner and ensure both dogs are in good health.

It is not really wise for us humans to interfere too much in the process.

Just ensure the dogs are healthy, well-fed, and living stress-free.

They would do the rest naturally!

Find out other methods to try out if your stud dog keeps missing.

In conclusion: Slip mating success rate

As long as the male dog has ejaculated, there is always a chance that the bitch will get pregnant. If you are a dog owner, you need to take the time to observe if the female dog indeed gets pregnant before allowing it to mate with another dog.

This is the ethical way to handle things and is in fact the guide from AKC.

Most importantly, let your dogs go with the flow and do it at their own pace. Less stress equals to a happier dog, so let’s keep it that way.

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