Can Dogs Drink MiO? [Learn The Dangers]

Given that MiO is used as a regular energy drink for humans, many dog owners might not be aware of the possible harm that it might do to their furry friends.

Can dogs drink MiO?

Dogs should not drink MiO, as it contains caffeine and artificial sweeteners, which can be toxic to dogs and cause unpleasant side effects like vomiting, nausea, hyperactivity, and restlessness. Long-term use can lead to more serious health problems like diabetes and salt poisoning.

Even if your dog doesn’t suffer any negative consequences right away, it’s still not a wise choice for them.

In this post, I will share in detail about the harmful effects as well as suitable alternatives for your dog.

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What is MiO? Is MiO Bad for Dogs?

You read it right; MiO, not Milo If you haven’t heard of this word yet, you’ll get acquainted with it now. 

Hoomans like us treat MiO as an energy drink. It’s the kind of drink that gives us a boost when you and I are feeling dull or a bit dispirited.

But your doggy will most likely recognize it as something fur parents use to add flavor to the plain, tasteless water in its bowl.

Now, as a dog owner, you are probably wondering if MiO is bad for dogs.

Honestly speaking? Mio is NOT good for dogs AT ALL. The contents of it just don’t sit well with them.

Is MiO Bad for Dogs

Potential Harmful Ingredients in MiO

MiO is not a simple drink that comes with natural ingredients. It doesn’t work like magic, so it has potentially harmful ingredients in it.

Other fur parents like adding MiO to their dog’s water. Well, who could blame them? 

It adds a sweetness that makes their dog drink more water.

You can’t be like them though.

You gotta understand that the sweeteners in MiO are a big NO-NO to your doggie’s health.

You’ll notice that these artificial sweeteners can cause vomiting and nausea in dogs. I don’t wanna exaggerate here but if you let your dogs have more of these sweeteners, they’ll surely suffer from bad stomachs.

Let’s not forget about the caffeine in this too! 

Caffeine and your energetic dog just won’t click well together.

It’ll be a disaster waiting to happen with all the active and restless behaviors.

Does MiO Energy Have Xylitol?

Say for example your dog managed to drink some MiO.

Calm your nerves and ease your breath out since MiO Energy doesn’t have any xylitol.

If you own a dog, you gotta understand how toxic xylitol is to doggies.

I don’t wanna sound pessimist, but even just a little xylitol can be deadly to your dog.

Is Caffeine in MiO Too Much for Dogs?

I don’t wanna sound so technical here but you need facts if you want your dogs to be safe.

Dogs love playing and being active, but their health can be so sensitive too.

I know caffeine doesn’t sit well with dogs. And a bottle of MiO with 720 milligrams of caffeine is definitely too much for dogs.

Let’s say your dog took a teeny tiny bit of MiO.

Sad to say that the caffeine in this drink can still make them feel restless and hyperactive.

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My Dog Drank Some Mio, What Should I Do?

SOS! My dog drank some MiO!

Calm down! MiO is not good for your dogs, but the effect won’t show right away.

Watch your dogs closely.

Have they stopped eating? Are they vomiting? Have they started shaking or having seizures?

If yes, bring them to the nearest vet!

Not all dogs are the same though. Some can hold MiO quite alright in their little tummies.

If your dog, after drinking MiO, stays bright and active then you have nothing to worry about.

But please make sure you place anything with caffeine away from them already.

What Kind of Sweetener is in Mio?

You might be wondering where that irresistible sweet flavor of MiO is coming from. After all, dogs just seem to love them even if it’s not good for them.

Well, MiO has artificial sweeteners called Ace-K and sucralose.

These two may make MiO sweet, but they also make MiO a big NO for doggies.

These sweeteners may make drinking water easier for dogs, but you need to consider the negative effects of doing so.

Can Dogs Drink Flavored Water?

I understand the frustration of some fur-parents. Dogs can be a tad bit hard to encourage drinking water.

I came to a point where I bought a cute water fountain for my two dogs just to make them drink more water.

Dogs love playing with water, but some just don’t share the same fondness for drinking water.

A wise thing to do that can make your dog drink more water is to give them flavored water.

The safest option for flavored water is making it at home.

As fur-parents, you shouldn’t rely on commercialized drinks since they contain more additives.

Flavored Water That’s Safe for Dogs

  • Lemon-Flavored Water. Just add drops of lemon to your dogs’ water, and see if they love it!
  • Broth-Flavored Water. If your dogs love meat, they’ll love this broth-flavored water. Just add beef or chicken broth to the water bowls of your dogs and watch them love it.
  • Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made bone broth that acts as a topper or gravy in your dog’s food

Can Dogs Drink Electrolyte Water or Sports Drinks?

Dogs always try to do whatever they wish to do, and luckily they have you as their guardian.

It’s your duty to make sure they eat and drink what’s good for them, not what they CAN. 

Dogs can drink electrolyte water or sports drinks, but dogs can’t drink those without some downsides.

Sports drinks may keep dogs active, but they are made with unhealthy amounts of sugar and salt.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Your “dogs will sweat the sports drinks anyway.” Well, no.

They’ll sweat the water off, but the salt and sugar?

Nope. Those will stay and potentially cause sodium ion poisoning.

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How to Prevent Dogs From Becoming Dehydrated?

Some dogs are running around all day. Always playing, always active.

It’s easy to say that making them drink water will keep them hydrated.

But that’s the thing, how do we ensure that they do not become dehydrated?

Well, for a start, always have fresh water readily available in their bowls at all times.

Secondly, you can try to make homemade flavored water, and leave an ample amount of it in your dog’s water bowl.

Don’t let that bowl sit empty!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I tell if my dog is dehydrated?

Dogs act like humans sometimes. When we are dehydrated, we often act tired with slowed breathing. Dehydrated dogs do the same. They pant excessively, with their tongue lolling out.

If Xylitol is bad for pets, what is the best sweetener for dogs?

If you are running out of ideas to make your dog drink water, you can use erythritol. Erythritol is, by far, the best sweetener for dogs. It contains just enough sugar but can improve the flavor and mouthfeel of water so much!

In Conclusion: Can Dogs Drink MiO?

There are lots of options for you if you want to feed your dog flavored water, and ensuring that its diet is nutritionally balanced should be your top priority. Natural dog food would be the best choice.

Just be aware of potential dangers when you feed your dog anything that is processed and meant for humans.

After all, they are not supposed to be eating the same things as us in general.

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